August 11, 2017

Dear friends, Turkey is calling!

Sweet grapes, ripe grenades, warm autumn air, seas and mountains, delicious vegetarian cuisine, daily morning practice under the guidance of an experienced teacher – what could be better than a seminar on Ashtanga yoga at the end of September in Turkey?

If you want to deepen your practice in the company of like-minded people or if you are a beginner and want to become more familiar with the practice of Ashtanga Yoga, be sure to send an application for participation in the seminar that will take place in the village of Chirali (Turkey) from September 22 to October 4 this year under the guidance Authorized Teacher Ashtanga Yoga – Elena Naassan (

About Cirali:
The village of Cirali is famous for its magnificent ivory-colored beach. The temperature of sea in July-September is 26-28 °C, in October-November – 22-24 °C. The local beach is protected by the World Wildlife Fund and is an environmentally friendly place. That is why every year in June and July torrents of Karetta flood here from northwest Africa. They lay their eggs here and after 6-8 weeks they already sink with young children. The village of Chirali is surrounded by mountains that contain iron, which gives them a reddish tinge. Not far from the beach of Chirail are the ruins of the ancient city of Olympos. There are ancient temple complexes, houses of famous people, and on the top of the mountain are the ruins of the Pirate Fortress. In twenty minutes of driving from the village, the famous Chimera Mountain rises, on the surface of which methane gas is burned round the clock. According to the legend, a monster was thrown here, which still throws tongues of flames from under the earth.

Workshop program:

  • September 23 – first lesson (led class)
  • September 24-28 – Mysore classes
  • September 29 – theoretical lesson, consideration of individual mistakes in practice, philosophy of yoga
  • September 30 – led class (last class for those who leave)
  • October 1-2 – Mysore classes (for those who stayed)
  • October 3 – theoretical lesson, consideration of individual mistakes in practice, philosophy of yoga
  • October 4 – departure

Cost of the seminar:

  • for the period from September 23 to 30 (if the payment is held before September 1) = $ 90 (after September 1 – $ 100)
  • for the period from September 23 to October 4 (if the payment is held before September 1) = $ 120 (after September 1 – $ 140)


There are several variants of accommodation: bungalows (for 3, 4 persons), one-room and two-room apartments:

  • Single room – $ 53
  • Double / Twin Room – $ 68
  • 3 person bungalows – $ 96
  • 4 person bungalows – $ 120

As you see, it is more profitable to organize accommodation in groups of 2, 3 persons.


A two-time vegetarian meal is included in the price. The hospitable and kind hosts will prepare traditional Turkish cuisine for us and treat them with fresh fruit from their own garden.

The cost of the ticket varies around $ 95 – 190 in both directions.

We plan to fly with Pegasus Airlines ( We recommend that you monitor the cost of tickets online, as the price changes on a daily basis.

We also consider the option of purchasing a ticket for a group, if it is economically more profitable. So let us know in advance if you plan to fly with us from Lviv!

Antalya-Chirali Transfer:

We plan to arrange a transfer from the airport in Antalya to Chiral on the following dates:

  • September 22 – Antalya-Chirali
  • September 30 – Cirali-Antalya
  • October 4 – Cirali-Antalya

Transfer cost: $ 17 (in both directions) per person.

Be sure to let us know about your wish by filling out the form below or contact Roman Yurynts directly. After all, there was not much time left before the seminar!
For registration fill in the form
For details, please return: + 38-068-108-8-108

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